Friday, October 31, 2008

The Cake

Chases uncle Tyson and his girlfriend Vanessa headed to Las Vegas a few weeks ago and got married. Grandma Jill decided to have an open house for them on Tuesday while they were here for a visit. (They live in Seattle, so we don't see them much). I offered to make them a wedding cake, since every couple needs to have a wedding cake. Everyone was so excited for me to do it, and I got to choose how to do it. Even better I thought. So I decided to use chocolate fondant, with a plum ribbon and some white flowers. Easy enough right. Not so, apparently chocolate fondant doesn't really work if you make it yourself. Mine fell apart into tiny little pieces. I moved on to plan B, there wasn't really a plan B so mom and I had to make one up. Here is what we came up with. Tyson and Vanessa loved it, what do you all think?

It was a good plan I think, come to find out Vanessa isn't a fru-fru type of girl. Congratulations again Tyson and Vanessa.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drumroll Please

I've been trying all week to think of something cute to post up here to share the good news. Well I haven't come up with anything yet. So here we go.....
Chase and I are EXPECTING our first BABY next June.
I have been feeling lousy for going on 4 weeks now, so sorry if posts are far and few.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I thought I would share my craftiness with everyone. So I started my own Etsy shop to sell my scarfs and baby headbands and bows. When I get time to post all the bows of course.
After making myself one of these scarfs and my sisters saw them, they wanted one themselves. So I ended up calling them my Sissi Scarfs. They are so warm, and cozy, I'm excited to wear mine all winter.


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