Monday, June 4, 2012


Our little man turned 2 on May 14. It's craaaaazzzzyyy to believe that he's really already 2. We are so thankful for him, and happy that he is part of our family. He keeps us on our toes and laughing constantly. He is so smart, and could count to 10 by himself before his birthday. Chase and I bought him a water table for the backyard, and a balance bike for his presents. The balance bike is still a little big, but he'll be jetting away on it before we know it. He loves the water table, and treats it like a swimming pool sometimes. His grandma and grandpa Lester also got him a little trampoline. On his birthday we has a small barbecue, and cake and ice cream with some of our family. He loved blowing out his tanals (candles), and requested that I keep lighting them so he could keep blowing them out.

Enjoying his water table

Playing with cousin Camden in the water

His monster cake (grandma Susan, did an awesome job on it.)

Monster cupcakes

Waiting for everyone to be done singing happy birthday

Blowing out the candles

All done

Eating his cake, and ice cream. He cleaned his plate, and he's not a cake eater.


Better late than never right... We had a wonderful easter this year, spent with family and loved ones. The easter bunny spoiled Owen and Augusta. He left a trail of jelly beans leading to Owens basket, and even better money in his eggs instead of candy!

The goods

Eating the jelly bean trail

Realizing there was money in his eggs, instead of candy

This face kills me

So happy

Checking out his easter outfit

Our adorable little bunny

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Someone caught a case of the giggles. Who knew a cheez-it box could be so funny?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve

From our family to yours! Video from Christmas Eve with the Denney side of the family.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Health Update

You can read the first part of the journey HERE

Chase had another MRI the first part of November, and a meeting with the Neurosurgeon. We learned that the tumor wasn't a tumor, but a lesion and had gone down in size and was smaller that the first MRI in July. Oh happy day! The neurosurgeon said that since it had gone down in size and there were no more symptoms the he wanted to see Chase in a year (November 2012). He also wanted Chase to go back to see the Neurologist. She decided to do one more test to test for MS, and that came back negative also. So she is leaning more to it being something called ADEM, which is a one time occurrence that mimics MS. So unless Chase has more symptoms, she doesn't want to see him again for 6 months (May 2012). He'll have another MRI and we'll go from there.

So for now we are just hoping and praying that no more symptoms come, and he will continue to be monitored. Thank you all for your prayers and concern!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

18 months

Look how big this little man is getting. He is still on the small side, but trying to catch up. He is healthy and happy, and that's what matters the most!

Height: 30.5"
Weight: 19 pounds 10 ounces
Owens doctor suggested that we try to bulk him up, by giving him anything he wants. If he has toast, make sure it has butter on it. If he wants chocolate milk, give him instant breakfast or pediasure instead. etc. He also asked if we would like to do some blood work to make sure there really isn't anything wrong. We chose to wait till Owen was 2, and in the mean time try and bulk him up. Hopefully something works, and he starts catching up soon.

We can't imagine our lives without this little man, and can't believe that he's already been here for 18 months. Man how the time flies when you are having fun!


Owen was the cutest monkey for halloween. He had a wonderful time trick or treating, and getting "nacks".

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

I was lucky enough to score tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba live for half price, so Chase and I decided to take Owen. Since he loved the tv show and watches it constantly. I wasn't sure how he would act, or if he would love the show. Come to find out all my worrying before hand was for nothing, Owen loved the show! He was dancing, and going crazy for most of the show. I only wish when the show started and there were a ton of empty seats in the front, that we would have moved closer. Everyone that was around us weren't really into the show. The only thing he was hesitent about was when they shot confetti and streamers out into the audience at the start, and end of the show. The loud pop kind of scared him.

Before the show started

Proof Mommy and Daddy were both there, don't mind owen not looking at the camera he was too enthralled with all the people around, and the lady selling the light wands.

The show started, getting ready to dance!

Dancing to "all our friends are different"

Muno's rap about bugs

Toodee's song about winter being her favorite season. It even snowed in the theater.

After the show. Look at all the confetti on the stage.Yo Gabba Gabba knows how to have fun!

Walking back to the car, Owen got these adorable Muno and Brobee beanie babies. He carries them around all the time now.


Chase and I decided to take our little monkey to the zoo for a fun halloween treat. We picked the perfect day, as it was just the right temperature, and the zoo was pretty empty. Owen loved seeing the monkeys, elephants, playing on the playground, and feeding the ducks and swans.
When we were leaving, we decided to look in the gift shop to see if things were on sale since it was the end of the season. We had a coupon for 50% off a stuffed animal, and ended up getting Owen a huge leopard stuffy that is almost as big as he is. I love a good deal, and Owen loves tackling his leopard, and trying to carry him around.

checking out the black and white monkeys (I don't remember their name, they looked like skunks in trees)

Spider monkey, this little guy liked to taunt Owen that he got a snack. He came right over and was showing off right infront of O.

Checking out the elephants

By the rhino statue

Playing on the slide (Owen always goes down backwards)

Little goblins party

Owens GG (great grandma) hosted a fun party for all the little goblins in her life. She had yummy food, and drinks. A few games to play, and lots of dancing and music. Owen had a great time playing with Rowan and Zade, and trying to break everything GG owns. Thanks again GG for the fun party!

cousin Zade and Owen

Rowan, Zade and Owen (Put 3, 17 month olds together and you see how well they look at the camera.

Who would have thought that Owen would have such a young GG, doesn't she look great for her age!