Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

I was lucky enough to score tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba live for half price, so Chase and I decided to take Owen. Since he loved the tv show and watches it constantly. I wasn't sure how he would act, or if he would love the show. Come to find out all my worrying before hand was for nothing, Owen loved the show! He was dancing, and going crazy for most of the show. I only wish when the show started and there were a ton of empty seats in the front, that we would have moved closer. Everyone that was around us weren't really into the show. The only thing he was hesitent about was when they shot confetti and streamers out into the audience at the start, and end of the show. The loud pop kind of scared him.

Before the show started

Proof Mommy and Daddy were both there, don't mind owen not looking at the camera he was too enthralled with all the people around, and the lady selling the light wands.

The show started, getting ready to dance!

Dancing to "all our friends are different"

Muno's rap about bugs

Toodee's song about winter being her favorite season. It even snowed in the theater.

After the show. Look at all the confetti on the stage.Yo Gabba Gabba knows how to have fun!

Walking back to the car, Owen got these adorable Muno and Brobee beanie babies. He carries them around all the time now.

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