Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Friends

Last week, August 11, 2010. I had lunch at the park with a few of my friends from high school; Erica and Julianna. We all had babies recently, and thought it would be fun to get them together for a "play date". The girls loved owen, at one point Ella was holding Owens hand, and Esper was holding onto Owen for dear life. Hopefully we can all get together again before it gets too cold and the babies can play together again.
Ella (4 months), Owen (3 months) and Esper (1 month)

Owens Blessing

Not the best family photo, I had been crying, Owen was hungry, and Chase was just doing what I told him to do.

On Sunday August 1, 2010 Chase was able to bless Owen and give him a name and a blessing. Owen objected by quietly crying during the whole thing. It was a beautiful blessing. Owen was blessed with health and strength, the desire to serve a mission, and to find a beautiful wife whom he could love and take to the temple. I know there were other blessings, but I forgot to ask someone to write things down for me to remember.

I had grand plans for my mom to sew Owens blessing outfit. I bought all the fabric and pattern, but the pattern was just too big. So Chase and I resorted to buying him one. We brought it home to find out it was the same size as the pattern, but there was a no return policy, so we ended up keeping it. He sure looked cute in his little white outfit, courtesy of Sundays Child. Booties that his aunt Catrina made for him. And blanket from Aunt Colleen. He sure is an angel.
I thank my heavenly father every day for sending me this miracle baby, and for teaching me faith, and patience. I make sure Owen knows he is worth all the pain, and bed rest I went through to get him here. I would never send him back.
The men who were in the circle during Owens blessing. Minus Owen, and the Bishop. Grandpa James, Great Grandpa George, Uncle Brock, Grandpa Guy, Daddy, Uncle Jered, Cousin Danny, Cousin Blake, Cousin Scott, Cousin Parker, Uncle Gary, and Uncle Ed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Owen's giggle

Owen finally let out his first giggle, Saturday August 7, 2010. Who knew that all it would take was some fart noises? We haven't heard it again, but know one day we are in trouble. Until then we have this video to make us smile.

Sister's weekend

I just got back from a great extended weekend with my sisters and mom. We spent Thursday July 29 through Saturday July 31 in Park City, Utah. It was so much fun! No husbands or kids, except Owen, were allowed. We spent most of our days shopping on Main street and the outlets, but our evenings were filled with card making, movies and games...and very little sleeping.

Thursday morning we had my friend Rebecca come to Brenas house and do glitter toes for all of us. It was a fun way to start off our weekend, and all of us had beautiful toe nails.

We were all laughing about the flip-flop tans we all have and decided that Catrina's were definitely the best (Although in this picture Shaunda's are pretty great). The favorite color went to Mindy's blue toes and the award for "They're wait they're wait they're grey...maybe they're purple..." went to Shaunda. For those of you counting toes, not counting my mom, there are six girls in my family. Yup five totally AWESOME sister's for me. I have one brother. Sadly, his wife couldn't make it for our weekend.

One of our favorite things to do when we're together is to have an ugly fashion show. We go shopping and see who can find the ugliest outfit or article of clothing. We didn't find too many ugly things. I don't know if it's because we weren't really paying attention to the ugly things or there weren't too many of them. Sadly I'm not in any of the pictures, but it's ok to embarrass my sisters on my blog, right

We ended our official weekend by purchasing a pair of totally rad, but mostly just cheap, shoes. We wrote little notes on the then threw them in the shoe tree. Shaunda and I were put in charge of throwing the shoes into the tree. My first throw was an awesome one, the shoes hit the tree and fell to the ground. So we tried again, about 15 times. Before they finally managed to snag another pair of shoes and were hanging on for dear life.
Throwing the shoes made for a good laugh, and I only wish we would have had a video camera handy.

Needless to say, I have the BEST sisters and mom in the world! Thanks for the fabulous weekend! I can't wait to do it again!