Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Owens Blessing

Not the best family photo, I had been crying, Owen was hungry, and Chase was just doing what I told him to do.

On Sunday August 1, 2010 Chase was able to bless Owen and give him a name and a blessing. Owen objected by quietly crying during the whole thing. It was a beautiful blessing. Owen was blessed with health and strength, the desire to serve a mission, and to find a beautiful wife whom he could love and take to the temple. I know there were other blessings, but I forgot to ask someone to write things down for me to remember.

I had grand plans for my mom to sew Owens blessing outfit. I bought all the fabric and pattern, but the pattern was just too big. So Chase and I resorted to buying him one. We brought it home to find out it was the same size as the pattern, but there was a no return policy, so we ended up keeping it. He sure looked cute in his little white outfit, courtesy of Sundays Child. Booties that his aunt Catrina made for him. And blanket from Aunt Colleen. He sure is an angel.
I thank my heavenly father every day for sending me this miracle baby, and for teaching me faith, and patience. I make sure Owen knows he is worth all the pain, and bed rest I went through to get him here. I would never send him back.
The men who were in the circle during Owens blessing. Minus Owen, and the Bishop. Grandpa James, Great Grandpa George, Uncle Brock, Grandpa Guy, Daddy, Uncle Jered, Cousin Danny, Cousin Blake, Cousin Scott, Cousin Parker, Uncle Gary, and Uncle Ed.

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