Friday, April 22, 2011

11 months

11 months already! Look how big our little monkey is getting. He is learning so much every day and has quite the funny little personality. He sure can be sassy. Other things he's doing.
-Cruising around the furniture like crazy
-Eating everything in site, some of his favorites are black beans, gold fish crackers, and graham crackers
-Crawling on his knees finally

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I left Owen with his grandma the other day, so I could go to the dry pack cannery. He refused to fall asleep while she was holding him. Instead he got down to play, was enjoying climbing in the swing, and fell asleep. This doesn't happen very often, he usually has to be swaddled up pretty tight and rocked to sleep. Guess he was exhausted from all the playing.

Monday, April 4, 2011


A few weekends ago Chase and I were able to head up to Brighton for some snowboarding, or in my case some butt sliding. I hadn't been for over 2 years, and so I spent a lot of time falling on my behind. After listening to some of the ski instructors working with the little kids, I finally figured it out. If you don't look at your feet or the ground right in front of you, you don't fall. Go figure, it's kind of like driving and looking out into the horizon. We had a wonderful time being together, and only a few tears were shed. Thanks babe for the fun day, and thanks Grandma Vicki for watching Owen for us!