Monday, January 24, 2011

Handsome in Black and White

Chase had a school project due last week, here are a few of the photos he took of Owen, aren't they so adorable?

8 months

8 months already! Where has the time gone? Owens getting so big! In the last month he started rolling all over the place, mostly out of necessity to get grandmas Christmas tree. He also can sit up if he wants, but most of the time chooses to just lay down and play, and roll around. He can say ma ma ma, and na na na when he's angry. Still no da da da though(Chase makes sure to work on this often with him.) He also learned to drink from a straw, and loves to share drinks if you'll let him. He loves to eat, and will grunt and mmmm the whole time he's eating if he really likes what he's having. He can clap, and almost wave bye bye. Still no teeth, or crawling though. He sure seems to be getting cuter and cuter every day, and he knows how to melt a mammas heart.

First haircut

After a few months of putting off giving Owen his first haircut, and his hair in the back getting rattier and rattier. I finally did it on his 8 month birthday January 14, 2010. Thanks to auntie Brena for the help with the cut, cousin Camden for the entertainment, and daddy for all the photos.
Owen did really well during the whole thing, and just sat in his bumbo and played with his toy, and a comb. He did have a few snacks along the way, but only after he freaked out for a few seconds. I can't believe how big my baby is getting, but he sure looks cute with his fo-hawk again!

The before shot

Length of the top before the cut

Length of the back

After the first cut

Helping by chewing on a comb

Cutting the length off the top

Sad to see the length on the top go

The finished product, I don't think he approves

The finished cut, what a handsome big boy!

Christmas 2010

Only a month late, that's not too bad.
We had a wonderful Christmas, with lots of family and fun. We spent Christmas eve at Chases parents house with some of the cousins, and grandma and grandpa. We had some delicious soup and salad for dinner, and just enjoyed everyones company. After all but the Lesters and Worners left, we opened our Christmas jammies and the babies opened their gifts from Kyle and Chiaki (Chases brother and his wife) as they were heading to Japan to visit Chiakis family on Christmas morning. After the babies went to bed and uncle Connor got home from work, the rest of us opened up the rest of our gifts. Some cash, a gift card to Olive Garden, a game, and hot chocolate smores kit. The adults played a few games and then it was home to sleep before Santa came.

Santas little helper on Christmas eve infront of grandmas tree

Sitting with cousin Zade

Showing off their Christmas jammies, and Jazz jerseys from Kyle and Chiaki

Christmas morning was pretty relaxed. Chase, Owen and I slept in, and eventually got up around 8. I got breakfast in the oven, and we opened gifts as a little family. Owen got a book about Christmas, some treats, a sock monkey, and the little people farm. Chase got a Holga camera, lens and some film. I got the biggest surprise of all and was surprised to open a new Singer Futura sewing and embroidery machine.

Our Christmas tree with our presents

Owen and I on Christmas morning (Don't I look pretty)

Christmas book from his stocking

Opening our family gift

Chase opening his camera lens

Gus' toy that lasted about 5 minutes

With his farm

His favorite gift of all...the wrapping

After breakfast, we headed back to Chases parents house for brunch, and so Owen could open his gifts from his grandparents. He got a few toys, a book, and some new clothes.

Opening a gift from grandma and grandpa

Look it's a car toy

All in all we had a wonderful Christmas, and can't wait for Owen to get older and understand more. Hopefully we can keep in pretty low key and teach him the real meaning of the season. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and a happy New Year.

Smell ya later!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First movie

We were able to spend the first weekend in December down in St. George with Chases parents. We had a wonderful time, despite spending a few hours at the instacare finding out that Owen had his first ear infection. We were also able to see the movie Tangled, it was wonderful. Owen loved it. He sat for the first part of the movie in his car seat with his eyes glued to the screen, fell asleep for a while, and then nursed for the rest of the movie. We haven't tried taking him to another movie yet, but I'm curious to see how he would act.
Thanks again to Guy and Vicki for letting us tag along, and spending the weekend with us!
My cute boys in their 3D glasses

Sunday, January 16, 2011

For Sale

Christmas has come and gone, a post on that later. Chase was very good to me, and bought me a new sewing/ embroidery machine. So now this little lady needs a new home. Anyone interested? You can see the ad posted on KSL here, to see all that is included.