Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First movie

We were able to spend the first weekend in December down in St. George with Chases parents. We had a wonderful time, despite spending a few hours at the instacare finding out that Owen had his first ear infection. We were also able to see the movie Tangled, it was wonderful. Owen loved it. He sat for the first part of the movie in his car seat with his eyes glued to the screen, fell asleep for a while, and then nursed for the rest of the movie. We haven't tried taking him to another movie yet, but I'm curious to see how he would act.
Thanks again to Guy and Vicki for letting us tag along, and spending the weekend with us!
My cute boys in their 3D glasses

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elaine said...

ADORABLE pic. That is amazing that he sat through the movie. We took Darcy to see Toy Story 3 (forget how old she was- not crawling yet though) and she was DONE after 3 minutes. :)