Sunday, December 11, 2011

Health Update

You can read the first part of the journey HERE

Chase had another MRI the first part of November, and a meeting with the Neurosurgeon. We learned that the tumor wasn't a tumor, but a lesion and had gone down in size and was smaller that the first MRI in July. Oh happy day! The neurosurgeon said that since it had gone down in size and there were no more symptoms the he wanted to see Chase in a year (November 2012). He also wanted Chase to go back to see the Neurologist. She decided to do one more test to test for MS, and that came back negative also. So she is leaning more to it being something called ADEM, which is a one time occurrence that mimics MS. So unless Chase has more symptoms, she doesn't want to see him again for 6 months (May 2012). He'll have another MRI and we'll go from there.

So for now we are just hoping and praying that no more symptoms come, and he will continue to be monitored. Thank you all for your prayers and concern!