Thursday, September 8, 2011


We've spent a lot of time at various doctors, and appointments over the last few months. We've now met our deductible , and are half way to our out of pocket for the year, here's why.
Chase had weakness in his right fingers around the beginning of July, so we went to our family Doctor. He had an MRI which showed something in his brain. He was tested for MS to see if that's what is showing up. So far all the tests have been negative. But that's not ruled out all the way yet. 10% of people diagnosed with MS have negative results. He had another MRI a few weeks ago to see if anything had changed. The "tumor" has grown a tiny bit (could also be wrong measuring). But since all his strength was back in his arm and hand the neurosurgeon decided that he didn't want to do a biopsy now, as it could cause more problems for Chase right now. He will see the neurosurgeon again in November, have another MRI, and we will go from there. Whether it be just a biopsy and leave the tumor alone, or a biopsy and removal of the "tumor".


Betsy said...

Kim I am so sorry! Please keep us posted on the update. You guys are in our prayers

Melonie said...

I love you, my friend.

You sound so brave and strong. (You always were!) I know this is hard for you... I'll pray for you and Chase too and hope for the best. I miss those days when we were roomates... love you tons.