Sunday, November 21, 2010

6 months

It's crazy to think that our little man is 6 months old already (a week ago). Where has the time gone? Just in the last few weeks he's discovered his tongue and it's out almost constantly. He loves to roll around on the floor, and play with his toys. Get the dog. Eat eat eat, I don't think we've found anything that he hasn't loved after a few bites. He sleeps well at night usually going to bed around 8 and has been sleeping till around 4, wakes up and eats then goes back to sleep for a few more hours. He's still not the best napper during the day, and will usually only sleep if one of us is holding him, which is pretty inconvenient at times. I usually just hold him while he sleeps and use the computer to check emails or blogs. He's still in 0-3 month clothes, but wearing 3 month jammies at night. He's got the greatest little laugh, and smile, and he tells great stories. He loves anything that lights up, and will strain his body to see lights on ceilings. There are no signs of any teeth in his little gummy mouth, and he could care less about trying to learn to sit up. Ever time I try and help him sit up he won't bend his body, and either stands up or wants to lay down.

We sure love our little O and couldn't imagine our lives without him. I love being his mommy, and thank my heavenly father every day for sending him to me. He truly is our little miracle, and we are so happy to have him.

6 month stats: weight 12 lbs. 5 oz. height 24.4" He's still not on the growth chart, just following under it at the same pace, but the pediatrician seems to be fine with where he's at, and is happy to see him growing and so healthy.

Now onto the pictures (I couldn't pick just one this month, because lets face it O is just too dang cute). This was the first time I actually let him hold Zeus, he loved it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Things are a bit batty around here

For Owens first Halloween I had all these fun ideas in my head for his costume but lets face it. I'm just too lazy to make him a costume at this stage of the game. Plus when I saw this adorable little bat costume at Target, I had to buy it. I couldn't have made anything for cheaper. I think it fit him well, and he looked freaking adorable.
Sadly we were sick on Halloween, so we just stayed home and passed out candy to the kids that braved the rain. Thankfully we have Chase who can snap some photos in the studio when mamma fails to take Owen to the pumpkin patch for his photos like planned.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just because

I found these photos of Owen from the last week, and lets face it he's adorable.
He was helping his daddy in the studio, and fell asleep in his little chair.

We went to help Chase with a photo shoot the other night, and he had us stand in so he could test the light. Here's the end product. I think we look pretty good. I sure love my little Owey man!

Family Photos 2010

I had been wanting some nicer family photos of our little family since after our anniversary in July, and decided we might as well do them in the fall leaves. So we headed up the canyon, and Chase snapped a few. He was busy running back and forth between the camera and standing in the photos, so we only got a few good ones of Owen looking at the camera. Next time we'll bring someone with us to push the button and get Owens attention.
We'll be using the photos for Christmas cards in the next month. Hopefully Chase will have time to get them done, he's been one busy guy the last month or so with lots of family photo sessions, and school.
On another note, I dyed my hair darker back in September, per Chases request. I've always done my hair blond, so this was quite a change. It was pretty crazy getting it to look right. Poor Jeannette had to do 3 processes of color on me, and my hair still came out pretty red. It's mellowed quite a bit now, and I actually really like it. We'll see how long the dark lasts before I'm dying to have my hair blond again.

Our favorite, and the one we'll be using for our Christmas cards.

Me and my hubby

This one would have been my favorite since Owen is actually smiling, but I couldn't get over his funky hair in his face.

Monday, November 1, 2010


While on our sisters weekend back in July, Chase came and took some photos of all of us together. I think they turned out great, and we had a lot of fun giggling while taking them.
In order from youngest to oldest. Me, Catrina, Brena, Shaunda, Stacia and Mindy
Life is so much better when you have sisters!
With our mom included. Mom, Shaunda, Me, Stacia, Mindy, Brena and Catrina