Monday, November 8, 2010

Things are a bit batty around here

For Owens first Halloween I had all these fun ideas in my head for his costume but lets face it. I'm just too lazy to make him a costume at this stage of the game. Plus when I saw this adorable little bat costume at Target, I had to buy it. I couldn't have made anything for cheaper. I think it fit him well, and he looked freaking adorable.
Sadly we were sick on Halloween, so we just stayed home and passed out candy to the kids that braved the rain. Thankfully we have Chase who can snap some photos in the studio when mamma fails to take Owen to the pumpkin patch for his photos like planned.


Lindsay said...

Holy moly, he's a cutie! Love.Him.

Brena and Jered said...

Love the one with the candy and the look like, "Uh, no I wasn't going to eat another piece of candy." Yeah, I get that look a lot from Camden. Cute, cute Owie bat. When Camden saw his costume she was pretty convinced that she was going to be a bat too.