Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Photos 2010

I had been wanting some nicer family photos of our little family since after our anniversary in July, and decided we might as well do them in the fall leaves. So we headed up the canyon, and Chase snapped a few. He was busy running back and forth between the camera and standing in the photos, so we only got a few good ones of Owen looking at the camera. Next time we'll bring someone with us to push the button and get Owens attention.
We'll be using the photos for Christmas cards in the next month. Hopefully Chase will have time to get them done, he's been one busy guy the last month or so with lots of family photo sessions, and school.
On another note, I dyed my hair darker back in September, per Chases request. I've always done my hair blond, so this was quite a change. It was pretty crazy getting it to look right. Poor Jeannette had to do 3 processes of color on me, and my hair still came out pretty red. It's mellowed quite a bit now, and I actually really like it. We'll see how long the dark lasts before I'm dying to have my hair blond again.

Our favorite, and the one we'll be using for our Christmas cards.

Me and my hubby

This one would have been my favorite since Owen is actually smiling, but I couldn't get over his funky hair in his face.

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Elisa said...

Nice pictures. I like your hair dark. In high school I used to color my hair blond. I haven't colored it in 4 or 5 years now.

I like Owens hair in that last picture. He's adorable.