Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Learning to Snow Board

Chase and I in our snow gear.

Chase asked me this year if I would like to learn to snow board, so I had something to do with him in the winter, and because he wanted to get back into it. He figures if I'm with him, I can't be too mad when he is gone all day. Since being married I have learned to golf, and wake board. I thought it would be fun to try. Our cousin Parker is also learning this year, so it's been fun for Chase to have 2 people to teach.
We went to sports authority and found a board for $80 so we decided to get it for me, and then went out to a mountain so chase could help Parker and I out. We also had Chases little brother Connor with us, and he needed to show off. Here are our last runs down the hill, in the end we all fell, (I only fell like 3 times, but had a really hard time standing up on my own.) but it was a good time.
Sorry about my heavy breathing in all the videos, my face was cold, but the inside of my coat smelled like an old lady, and I couldn't put my face down in there to keep me warm. It's been washed since and doesn't smell as much like an old lady, I think it will take one more washing.

Me riding down the hill, great landing!

Chase, jump/falling. :)

I couldn't get all four videos to load, so you don't get to see Parkers awesome fall, or Connors jump.


Rob and Tiff said...

Hey that's awesome that you're learning how to snowboard. Isn't it funny all the new things we're willing to learn and do once we're married to our sweethearts? I've learned how to golf too, but Rob's also learned some of my things too. :-) Good luck on the board, both water and snow, and with your swing.

Brena and Jered said...

Nice work. Kepp practicing and maybe some day you'll be in the Olympics...I mean Special Olympics!

Kimberlyn said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes Tiff.
Thanks Bean, I'll aspire to being in the special olympics.

Maya's Mommy said...

That is awesome! I have always wanted to learn too. Guess my opportunities are limited in Tucson. You look like a natural already.