Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where We've Been

I don't have pictures for the first 2 events. My camera decided to eat them. No clue why.

On June 19th, Chase and I went to see Disney's Up in 3D, it was a cute movie. Definitely not worth the price to see it in 3D though, nothing jumped out, and the glasses kind of made me sick. (I did take a picture of us before the movie started with the goofy glasses, so imagine that here.)

Next on the 20th we attended the Jordan river rotary park fundraiser and classic car show. My dad is a member of the rotary club, and asked us if we would like to go, we figured since he was paying for our ticket we would. We invited Chases cousin Parker along, he enjoyed it a lot more than we did. Again the camera was full of car pictures that Parker had taken, and my camera ate them. Camera must think that car pictures are tasty. MMMMM oily.

My sister Mindy and her family were in town visiting last week (June 23-27), so we spent most of the week with them just hanging out. We had a barbecue, went to the splash park, the Oquirrh Mountain temple open house, and the Lehi Children's parade
"Scruff" and I, in front of the temple. He's since had a haircut and shaved his face.

Last night (June 29th) we attended the Utah Symphony performance at Taylorsville Dayzz. Chase is currently enrolled in an intro to music class, and has to attend 3 classical, and 2 concerts of his choice before the end of the semester. This was the second concert we've been to in the last month. The first was Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band at the Sandy Amphitheater in the rain. It was let's just say interesting.
The "normal" picture, after at least 5 goofy ones of Chase, this is what we got.
The Symphony conductor David Cho, he did a great job, but still needs to work on his English quite a bit.

In between all the hanging out with sisters, and concerts. I've been helping my mom with wedding cake central. A 5oth wedding anniversary cake for June 29th. A wedding cake for June 30th, and another wedding cake for July 1st. If you can even call the one for the first a cake, the whole thing is made out of cereal. Pictures to come soon.


Brena and Jered said...

Thanks for the fun week. Don't feel too bad about not having pictures. I didn't even get my camera out until the day Min was leaving and even then I just got a few pictures of her kids. And just in case you were wondering the fingernail polish came out and you can hardly tell where it was. Thanks Abs!

Ben and Brittany said...

ha ha...a cereal cake is definitely different! I was surprised when I heard that they were doing the whole cake with cereal.