Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lake

Chase and I were able to go up to Park City last Wednesday, for a little get away with some of his family. We didn't do much, mostly just sat in the hot tub and layed by the pool. Friday night Chases dad brought the boat up, and we headed out to Jordanelle. Chase and I were able to learn how to back the trailer, put the boat in the water, tow someone on the tube or wake board, and put the boat back on the trailer. (We've been wanting to learn since last year, but have had some issues with other people always taking over). We only spent a few hours out on the lake Friday night, but headed out again Saturday morning. My sister Shaunda and her husband and kids met up with us (the kids had never been on a boat before). We had a great time. Anyone want to go out let us know, we'd love to take you!
Chase and Ed visiting while I figured out wake boarding finally. Last year all I could do was fall. This year I just pop right out of the water. (I was going to post a video of me last year, but I have to go through a big folder full to find the right ones.)
Not only did I get up for longer than 2 seconds, I got outside the wake. Now it's just learning to get back in.
Kellen, Teagan, and Porter on the tube.
I swear I'm the only one that puts on sunscreen most of the time. I put it on quite a few times Saturday, but I'm still the on the got fried to a crisp. I'm pretty uncomfortable now, but hoping I don't get as burnt when we head to Bear Lake the end of August.


Danny and Emma Lamoreaux said...

Oh my ouch!! Guess you'll have to sleep on your tummy for a while! Hope it heals FAST!!

Vicky said...

ohhh that looks so painful, I hope the pain goes away soon, but not the memories... family times are the best! : )

Brena and Jered said...

Oh I just thought you were wearing a white shirt he he. Maybe you should check your sunscreen bottle, maybe it's "Sun Come and Get Me" I've seen that stuff in the store you know.

Maya's Mommy said...

Ow! That is an awful sunburn!

Rob and Tiff said...

I know that feeling of being the one that bathes in sunblock but still manages to get burnt. I recommend using spf50. It seems to work better for me. Ha, I even go with the baby brand and goop it on real nice and thick.

Elisa said...

Ouch, I always had to use at least 50spf and also maybe check the expiration date. If that doesn't help, you should consider getting a rash/burn guard. I have one that I got online, and it basically is a swim t-shirt(nylon/mesh type of material), but when I'm wearing that thing, I can be out all day in the sun and not worry about getting burned.