Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First solid food

At Owens 4 month check up the pediatrician looked at Owens growth chart and said everything looked fine, even though Owen was under the curve he was following right along it. Then the pediatrician looked at Owens face and said he didn't think he was chubby enough, so we were sent home with orders to either give Owen a formula bottle after he nursed to make sure he is getting full enough, or start feeding him solid food. We tried the formula thing, but Owen wanted nothing to do with it, and kept looking at me like I was crazy.
So here we are at 4 months and 4 days old eating rice cereal. Owen loves the stuff, and finished off the first bowl I ever gave him. We make sure to let him have it at least once a day, but today he got lucky and got to have it twice. Hopefully this helps him chunk up a little and make the pediatrician happy. We'll get to see the progress in a week or so when we go in for a weight check. Mommy really wasn't ready for this step yet, it means that my baby is growing up faster than I ever thought possible.

Owen getting ready for his first food

The face after the first bite

Testing the cereal out

This stuff is weird mom

So cute