Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter! The easter bunny spoiled Owen, and brought him a new outfit, some bubbles, a few easter trucks, a bunny shaped bumble ball, and his first pair of converse. Owen didn't really care much about his basket, and only wanted to pull on the laces in his new shoes.
Owen loved all the plastic easter eggs that we gave him for his photos. He kept picking them up and banging them together, or putting them to his mouth and blowing on them.
We also gave him a chocolate bunny to enjoy in the studio. He would put the ears in his mouth for a few seconds, then pull them out and smack his lips together. I think he liked it. After all was said and done he was a pretty messy boy, and the back of the bunnies ears had a hole where he had ground his teeth into them.
His basket wasn't hidden very well
Every time the little tree got anywhere near him he would cringe and try and get away from it.

First lick
After a few licks
Testing out the butt, maybe it's as good as the ears
Back to the ears
Messy boy loved eating the easter bunny

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Maxwell Family said...

These are such cute pictures! He is just such a cute, and fun boy.