Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Owen

Sorry there are a ton of photos in this post. I have a hard time picking favorites.
Yes I am almost a month late on this post, but I'm finally getting around to it. Owen had a wonderful 1st birthday! Due to scheduling conflicts, and other family matters we weren't able to have one big party for him. So he got to have his birthday for 2 days. He had birthday cake and playing in conjunction with our niece Teagans baptism on his actual birthday. And a family BBQ and cake and presents with Chases family the next day.
I had spent the few days before his birthday baking like a mad woman. I think after all was said and done I had baked 72 cupcakes and 9 4" round cakes ( to make 3 smash cakes for him. 1 for my sisters house, 1 for grandma and grandpas house and one for the studio). I had decided that since we weren't having one big party I would just do a primary colors cake, and cupcakes. I think it turned out adorable (minus the bottom layers falling apart.) Owen didn't really want to touch his smash cakes when there were a lot of people around, but was more than willing to rip one apart when there were just a few of us around.
I made his little birthday shirt to match the primary colors cakes, and didn't have time to wash it before he wore it. That is why he has blue skin in some of the photos.
He got some really fun gifts, and has really enjoyed playing with them since.
It's crazy to think that he's already 1. We love our little guy and can't imagine our lives without him.


Jer and Jules said...

Funny little boy, he sure knows how to pose just right! Such cute pictures, and his cake is pretty cute too!

Anonymous said...

I can see why you have a hard time picking favorites! They are all adorable. I love his shirt and cake!