Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The project that may never end

For Christmas this year I decided to take my Mother in laws recipes, and make them into a nice book. I decided this before I saw all the recipes she had. Come to find out she has about a million, that she has ripped out of magazines, printed off the Rachael Ray website, or people have given her. After seeing the gigantic book that I was going to have to make, I asked her to go through them so I wouldn't be typing up stuff she never uses anymore. She went through a few and I quickly typed them up. I'm only at around number 100, and I can't get her to go through the rest. Guess she's getting a small condensed version of what I really wanted to do.
Anyone want some recipes?


Brena and Jered said...

Oh the projects we take on...why do we do this to ourselves???!!! If you want I can take some and just scan them and make some "scrambled" pages.

Chase and Kimberlyn said...

If only she'd let me take them out of the house. She couldn't find one last night, so I don't think she'll be letting me take large stacks home anymore.