Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The things that make Christmas

I was thinking today about what Christmas is, I decided I would wander the house and take pictures of the things that I think make or remind me of Christmas. So here we go. Number one has to be the birth baby Jesus, seeing how if it weren't for him we wouldn't have CHRISTmas. Garlands Christmas balls (especially the glittery ones)Poinsettia
12 layer jello (only 10 layers so far, I'm still working on it). It's become a tradition with Chase's family for me to bring this on Christmas eve.
Stars to top the tree, not on the tree because I just barely bought it
The Christmas tree
Cookies, yum yum
Santa Claus
Snow (I was too lazy to go outside to take a picture so I took it through the window.)

The Nativity
After actually doing this post it sounded so much better in my head, sorry folks you still get to see it, because it took to long to put it all on here.
Merry Christmas Everyone.


Maya said...

!2 layer jello! That must be the ultimate Mormon side dish. :)

We have the same star on our tree!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Brena and Jered said...

What a cute idea for a post! I should do this, but I think I am more lazy than you in that I will probably NOT do one at all. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas! We love you!