Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bear Lake Open

We were sitting on the beach on Friday, with not much going on. The boys decided they were going to get out some golf clubs and play a little beach golf. They dug a hole, drew a line for the green, and stuck in a little stick for a flag. Brena and I took it upon ourselves to "build" them a golf course, complete with a trophy for the winner at the end. It was only 5 holes, but they had fun playing for about 3 hours. Sorry the pictures are a bit crappy and you can't really see how fun the holes are. Hole 1, also referred to as the crater. Sponsored by Fritos corn chips. 
It was a big hole in the ground with another smaller hole for the cup. 
Hole 2, sponsored by Doritos spicy nacho chips. 
Two big holes on either side of a mound of sand with the cup and flag on top of the mound. 
Hole 3, sponsored by Lays potato chips.
Some bumpy sand with a bunch of roughage around the cup and flag. 
Hole 4, Sponsored by Doritos Cool Ranch chips. 
Actually the first hole the boys made, just a big circle drawn on pretty smooth ground. Brena and I added a few rocks. 
Hole 5, sponsored by Lays sour cream and onion potato chips. 
A big flat mound of sand, with a moat full of water around it. This hole was pretty close to the water, and a few balls even ended up in the lake. 
Chase hitting his ball out of the lake.
Guy hitting his ball out of the water. 
Just showing the mud splash that Guy made when hitting his ball out of the lake. 
Guy was the winner of the Bear Lake Open, here he is holding his trophy and winning club. 

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Brena and Jered said...

Ha I'm chuckling to myself. You make me laugh with the "sponsored by". We sure did have fun challenging the boys. Again, need pictures.