Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bear Lake

We had a great time at bear lake, we spent a lot of time at the lake, and swimming in the pool at the resort. I don't think any of us got dressed most days, just went from our pajamas to our swim wear, and then back to our pajamas. Here are some photos of Chase and I wake boarding. Chase is usually the one behind the camera, so he took all the pictures of me.The beautiful Lake. I'm sad to be home now. I'm already excited for next years trip. 
Getting ready to go, just need the rope. 
Outside the wake, the water was pretty smooth that day. 
Falling, yes I'm a wuss and have to plug my nose. 
Outside the wake again, I have a hard time getting back inside.
Inside the wake, trying to stay on the calmer water. 

Goofing off on the beach. I think I was in the process of digging a hole or something with the baby shovel. My face looks silly, but I still like this picture. 

Chase jumping the wake, this is actually a progression of pictures made into a video. 


Jessica and Brad said...

Your trip looks so fun and relaxing!!

Brena and Jered said...

I'm sad to be home too. I LOVE the picture of your muscles. You should frame it. It would be so cute in your bathroom. I'm a wuss too with the nose plugging. That's most of the reason i was afraid to time to plug. We need to get copies of all of the pictures for our scrapbook since we didn't take any with our camera.

Maya's Mommy said...

fun, fun, fun!

Vicky said...

so fun... love your "goofing off picture!!