Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recent projects

As some of you may already know my bed rest restrictions have been lifted slightly. I'm still supposed to be down most of the day, but am allowed to do a few things here and there if I feel like it. We saw my regular doctor last Monday. He told me to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing, because it was working. He is so amazed at what has happened with this pregnancy, and agrees with us that this baby is a miracle. He told us that his goal is for me to make it to at least 35 weeks, that gets us out of the scary preemie stage. We'll meet with the specialist this coming Friday, for another ultrasound. I can't wait to see how much the baby has grown since our last appointment three weeks ago.

When I do feel like being up, I have been spending a lot of my time sewing things for the baby. I'm getting so excited for him, and doing things for him makes him that much more real to me. Here are some of the projects that I've been working on.
I made this flannel blanket with a golf theme, It's a pretty big blanket, it's folded in half in the picture. It was really easy. All you do is cut a bunch of squares, sew them with all the seams on the top. Then go through and clip all the seam allowance, put it through the washer and it comes out fuzzy and cute. I think I had to empty the lint trap in the dryer like 5-6 times.
The cute fabric of the blanket.
Car seat canopy. I had made one before but didn't love how the corners were done. So I made this one differently. I think it turned out so cute, and I'm so happy I did the corners differently.
Just a heads up. My next post will be the big 100, and I have something very fun planned. Keep an eye open, because you won't want to miss it.


Betsy said...

You are so crafty!! I love seeing all the things you make. So talented!! I'm so glad to hear your miracle baby continues to be doing well. You have been in my thoughts!!

Jer and Jules said...

The blanket and car seat canopies are so cute! Your little guy's gonna be so stylin'! I only wish I were crafty too.

Mama Lam and fam said...

LOVE them both. I have never even heard of a carseat canopy! Very, very cool!