Sunday, March 28, 2010

The showering of baby

A few Saturdays ago, my two awesome sisters that live here in Utah (I have 3 more sisters that live out of state), and my mom hosted a baby shower for me. I know it was quite early, but they are still worried that I'll end up in the hospital, and that we'll have baby boy early. It was great to see so many family members that I haven't seen in a while, and visit with friends. Baby boy is sure loved, and will be super stylish in all his new clothes! (Most of which had a puppy theme)
Thanks to everyone that took the time to come out in the snow storm, and even more thanks to my sisters and mom for all that they do for Chase and I.
The super cute invitation that Brena designed. Of course the huge black boxes weren't on the ones that were sent out.
The adorable jammies that Camden picked out for her new cousin, she loves puppies right now. And most of the time even pretends she is a puppy herself. She was the big helper of the day.
Yes we got hangers, this is kind of an inside family joke.
This little book, and the 2 others that were with it have finger puppets in the middle for the heads of the animals. I think these will be a big hit with baby.
Mothers of little from son up til son down. I love this picture and it will look so cute in babies room for now.
Closet organizers that my aunt made. Seriously so cute.
This little jacket has ears
Tiny baby flip flops, can't wait for him to wear these to the lake.


Brena and Jered said...

It was a pretty fun party. I do have to apologize for not getting a picture of the refreshment table. Mmmmm, I still dream about those scrumptious little fruit pizzas.

Jer and Jules said...

So much cute stuff! I'm sorry I couldn't come, but I guess that's what happens when a lot of people are pregnant all at once! It looks like you got some good stuff, and inside joke or not, hangers are a good thing to have, we had to buy a bunch before Ella came.
Good luck keeping the little guy in and I can't wait to see him!

Dallas and Nikki Nelson said...

Looks like it was fun! I love the little flip flops, AND the closet organizers! Why the crap didn't I think of doing something like that with my kids! Looks like he will be in style! I like your little belly, and hope he stays in and stays healthy!
Best wishes,