Sunday, April 11, 2010

We've made it to 32 weeks

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what is going on with the pregnancy. Chase and I met with the specialist on Friday, he was very upbeat about the baby. He said that baby was growing as he should be, and is approximately 3 pounds 14 ounces. My fluid level is almost at 13cm, which was a shock to the doctor also. If I hadn't had so many problems in the beginning of my pregnancy the doctor said he would think I was normal.
While at the specialist I also had to start my weekly non-stress testing. I didn't do so well on this. I was already anxious about it. We sat in the waiting room for almost an hour(The longest we have ever sat in the waiting room at the specialist), I hadn't had any lunch, and I had no clue what a non-stress test entailed. The test itself isn't bad, they just hook 2 monitors to my belly and watch the baby's heart rate, and contractions. They also check my blood pressure. (I'll try and remember to have Chase take a picture of me with all the monitors at our next test) The babies heart rate was right where it needed to be, but I was having too many contractions, and my blood pressure was a little high. I was told to come home and do nothing but lay down and relax. So back on full bed rest. Thankfully I have a great husband and parents who can help me all the time.

We only have 3 more weeks before we are to our goal of 35 weeks. I'm excited I've made it this far, and that I haven't had to spend any time in the hospital yet.
A funny picture Chase wanted to do. This was last Saturday April 3, 2010. I was 31 weeks pregnant.
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Jer and Jules said...

Well that's good the Dr. thinks you seem 'normal' now, but that stinks about the stress test, I'm sorry. Hang in there, you're almost done. Crazily enough the last few weeks go quickly and slow all at the same time, try to take advantage of the extra rest, as much as it sucks.
P.S. We love the picture, too funny!

Leake's said...

So good to know that things are progressing well. I love the picture! And thanks again for the tip about River Oaks. We had a fabulous day and evening!