Friday, April 16, 2010

Non-stress testing

Some people have been wondering what a non-stress test is. So I had Chase snap a picture of me with the monitors on. To start the test they do an ultrasound just to check the fluid levels around the baby, they were at about a 14cm. Then they check my blood pressure. And then I get to have these fun monitors hooked to my belly. The monitor on the pink band measures contractions, and the monitor on the blue band monitors the babies heart rate. The colors coordinate to the lines that show up on the screen, which is what I was looking at. Watching and hearing the babies heart makes me so happy.
My blood pressure wasn't high today. The babies heart rate was great. I was having a few contractions, but couldn't feel them so the nurse wasn't concerned at all. I'll still go in weekly for testing, and I hope they go this well every time.


Jer and Jules said...

I was pretty curious about what the stress testing was-now I know, I was afraid it would be more scary than that, I'm glad it's a pretty simple looking thing. Actually, this is how they had me set up when we first got to the hospital when I went into labor, it's kind of cool to watch the contractions-especially for you if you're not feeling them yet. I'm glad everything's going well so far though!

Vicky said...

Hearing the baby's heart sounds so exciting ") so glad everything is going well!!