Thursday, June 3, 2010

Owens first week

I feel like all we did after we brought Owen home, was run run run. Things are finally settling down and we are getting to enjoy our little miracle. I've tried to keep a list on my calendar of all the craziness that has happened starting with Owens birth. I wrote all about that in my last post, and will now post a list of all the fun things we had to do in his first week of life.
Friday May 14, 2010.
Owen is born at 5:37 am
Owen had his first ultrasound of his kidney, it really is multi cystic displastic. He'll have some more tests done in June.
Our bedroom flooded. Thankfully our neighbor was watching and was able to let my mom know, she was able to save our things. The carpet had to be ripped out though.
Owen had to have his blood sugar levels checked about 25 times, his poor heels looked like hamburger.
Lots and lots of visitors at the hospital.
Grandma Vicki bought Owen some preemie clothes, since the shirts at the hospital were falling off him. He wore this adorable blue striped shirt almost the whole time we were at the hospital.
Saturday May 15, 2010
Even more visitors at the hospital
Chase gets called into jury duty May 24th. He tried to get out of it when he was summonsed a few months ago, but even with a high risk pregnancy, and wife on bed rest he wasn't able to get out of it. He was able to get out of it now thanks to having a brand new baby with health complications.

Sunday May 16, 2010
Owen and I were both supposed to be discharged from the hospital. Owen ended up having to stay one more night and be under the Bili lights for 24 hours. He also failed his 2 car seat tests that they did this day. The test includes him sitting strapped into his car seat for 2 hours while they monitor his oxygen levels, he couldn't drop his level at all, and if he did he failed. He had to do the test because he was born 2 days too early, it's something they have to do on preemies. He failed the first one with only 10 minutes left to go, when he started to throw up and his oxygen level dropped. The second try he made it 5 minutes to the end and his oxygen level dropped, causing him to fail again. (The nurses wouldn't let us put a head support into his car seat that hadn't come with it, so his head was kind of slouched to the side for the 2 car seat tests.)
I was discharged from the hospital, but Chase and I were able to stay there one more night under what is called a hotel stay. It's kind of weird to stay in the hospital like that, we got no care and no food, but had a place to stay.
During Owens first car seat test. He looks so tiny in that huge car seat.

Hanging out under the Bili lights, Chase says they are giving him special powers.

Monday May 17, 2010
Owen got off the Bili lights.
Owen passed his 3rd and final car seat test.
Owen was discharged from the hospital.
We went home to my sister Brenas house (we are so thankful that Brena and Jered were willing to let us intrude and come to their house). We weren't able to come home to our house because we still didn't have carpet in our room, and all of our things were spread all over.
About to leave the hospital, as one very happy and lucky little family.

The adorable sign that auntie Brena made to welcome us "home". (Everyone in her neighborhood kept coming over, and asking if they had gotten a baby. When they do get a new baby we'll make sure to go all out for all the neighbors to see.)

Tuesday May, 18, 2010
Carpet was installed in our bedroom.
Owen had to go see his pediatrician, and have his Bili levels checked. He was a little high so we were told to have him lay in the sun when we could, so he could soak up the vitamin D.
We got to come home to our house, Chase spent the day getting things back in place.
Owen sunbathing

Wednesday May 19, 2010
Owen had another Bili check, his levels finally starting to go down. He still needed to lay in the sun though.

Thursday May 20, 2010
Owen has to get his Bili levels checked again. They are finally ok!
Owens umbilical cord fell off.

Friday May 21, 2010
Owen is one week old.
I had to go into my doctor to have my blood pressure checked, it was a little high, but the doctor isn't ready to treat it just yet.


Margaret said...

I am so glad that he is doing ok! He is so little but super cute!

Roberts Family said...

Wow! What an eventful and exciting time!! He is such a cute boy!