Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rocking chair redo

We purchased this ugly blue fabric rocking chair, and ottoman off Ksl for $40 a few months before Owens birth. It didn't look so horrible in the photos on the ad, but after seeing it in person and driving to Layton to get it there was no turning back. We brought it home, and I was so disgusted the more I saw it, so my mom offered to help me re-upholster it. One day when I was feeling decent we went and picked out fabric. I chose an awesome chocolate brown velvet (which my mom has now cursed me for), and then we got to work. Oh who am I kidding my mom did it all, and I'm so happy she did. Even if it did take her almost a month after Owen was born to finish the arm rests. I'm in love with this chair now and can't wait for it have a home in Owens room, and not my closet (where I'm currently feeding and rocking Owen, since our room is so small and there isn't much room.)

The ugly before blue sun faded, spit up all over fabric

After tearing apart all the cushions to make patterns for the new fabric

Beautiful "new"chair (crappy photography, I asked Chase to take this photo but he kept ignoring me so you get crap.)
Chair $40
Material $25 (I still have a yard left)
Miscellaneous padding and accessories $13
Loving my rocking chair...Priceless!

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