Friday, February 27, 2009


I just needed to take a minute to congratulate my husband on his math test, he got 100%. Chase has always struggled with school and learning, so when something like this happens he deserves all the praise that can be given. I'm sure he'll be embarrassed that I shared this on the blog, but that's what he gets, a very proud wife. I do have to say he didn't even show me this paper when he came home, just put it on the fridge for everyone in the family to see, I didn't find it till he'd been home for a few hours.


jerthorne said...

Gah, it's the yucky graphing math, I hated that and still have nightmares from it. Go Chase on getting 100%, that's awesome! I don't care how good you are at school, it's still a major feat!

Maya's Mommy said...