Friday, March 13, 2009


Well hello all you bloggers out there. I have decided to blog something today. Kinda crazy huh? I never blog. That’s because of the wonderful job my wife does here. Well I wanted to let all of you in on a project I am doing! Trying to hype myself up here. I am currently working on a Piano music CD! That’s right! If you did not know this already I will give you some background on my musical somewhat of a talent.
I started in band in the seventh grade playing the Tuba. That big brass instrument in the back of the band. Well I fell in love with music and practiced my heart out that year. That is pretty much all I did all day after school was practice! I even went in the band room at lunch to practice. I call that dedication, others would call that being a band geek. Whichever you want to call it, I got good. I made it passed beginners band into intermediate, then advanced, and then into Concert band all in one year! I made first chair in tryouts for state band also! When I made it into high school I was one of the best tuba players in the northwest area of the States. Sophomore year I changed instruments to the Euphonium (baritone) which is a smaller version of a Tuba. Well it seemed I had a career in music from all the talk of my teachers and the hype about me. What happened? Why didn’t I keep on this path? I moved to Utah and then was in a band at school that was worst in state. And I mean the worst! Kinda lost interest I guess.
Well what about the piano you say? I learned how to read music from my band experience. My great grandma who lives here in Utah still, gave me an old upright grand (year made 1910) when I was 13 I believe and my mother started me in Piano lessons. Those lasted about a month. The problem was I had already gone through the book before I took lessons and my piano teacher wanted to keep me in the same book. I quit after about a month due to it being so boring and easy. Here is a lesson to all you piano teachers, if you have a student who is advanced in music for being natural or whatever, please make it not so boring for them. Get them a new teacher they deserve if you are not advanced enough to teach this student. So I was on my own now. I ended up teaching myself which was good and bad. I must have played four to five hours a day for that first year of my piano life. I wrote my first song when I was 14 (maybe I should clean it up a bit and put it on this CD I am working on). I have written and improved so many songs over the years.
So here I am today, still in love with music. I am now putting together a piano CD and also working on composing orchestrations. Hopefully I will have this CD completed soon. I am working on the fourth song right now. Go to to listen to my piano songs! Currently there is only one song on there but soon I will put more on there. Sorry for the long read. Now you know my music history. Thanks for reading!


Brena and Jered said...

Hey thanks for sharing the whole story. You need to make your my space page a link so people can just get there from your blog.

Elisa said...

Wow! I think the first time we(Scott and I) ever heard you play was at the talent show a few months ago, and I was amazed! And then I heard you play at Katie's wedding reception, while Kim sat with you(Kim, you are such a good, sweet wife).Let us know when your cd is finished.