Friday, March 13, 2009

A tasty creation

A birthday cake for my inlaws.
It was both of Chases parents birthdays this week, and since they have been enjoying the sun in Mexico we haven't been able to celebrate yet. I headed over to my mom and dads on Monday to bake the cake and get it in the freezer, as well as make fondant. I'd found a new recipe on my sister Brenas sister in law Lara's blog, for this yummy looking marshmallow fondant. Moms been making cake for longer than I've been around, and always used the regular fondant, which I think tastes like play dough, yuck!!! So we decided to try the marshmallow fondant out, and since I needed a birthday cake it was the perfect time to try it out. Mom came over today to help me decorate the cake, it was way too easy, usually we have to fight with the fondant. Not today it just fell perfectly on the cake, didn't crack and took a total of maybe 2 minutes to make look perfect. Even better this fondant tastes delicious (I want to actually eat it off my piece of cake and not throw it in the trash), and is quite inexpensive. Mom and I are both converted, she will be using this stuff on every cake she does from now on.
I think it turned out pretty cute, What do you all think? Hope Guy and Vicki like it, If not I'll be in sugar heaven for a few days.

If you didn't get all my links to the fondant recipe you can find it here!


Maren said...

Cute cake! You ladies are so talented. And who knew there was good tasting fondant. I am so excited to try the recipe...someday...when I try to make a cake that looks good.

Elisa said...

Oohhh! Awesome! A fondant that tastes good, that's amazing! I will definitely be trying out your recipe. Thanks for sharing and good job on the cake!

Jer and Jules said...

That cake looks so yummy and cute! I wish I could do stuff like that, maybe someday. I love marshmallow stuff!
I didn't know you guys moved, where'd you move to?

Kimberlyn said...

Jules, we are living with Chases parents for a little while, until my sister and her drama move out of my parents. Hopefully soon we'll be back with all of our things.

Brena and Jered said...

First, quit eating play dough!! Second, cute cake. Third, glad that Laura could help with the recipe (send her a little love). Finally, I think you picked up the cake talent from mom...I know I didn't get that one!